Cryptid Hunters

Cryptid Hunters can be either male or female.  Their power and strength are ranked by Greek letters putting them into certain groups, which are then split into smaller teams.  Those teams are lead by a captain who is typically on the younger side since they do not have a long life span.  The lowest level of Cryptid Hunters that goes into the field are Omicrons.  In Approaching Night, both Wynona and Tiberius are ranked as Omicrons meanwhile the strongest are the Alphas.  It is their job to travel the world controling the "et cetera" of paranormal activity.  They cover the monsters that only seem to be found in folklore and mythology and depending upon the situation they either hunt down to kill that creature or make sure everything is under control.

Vampire Slayers

Vampire Slayers can only be female, there is no explanation to why this is just how life has always been.  There are fewer Slayers compared to both Hunters and Watchers therefore, there are no rankings nor are there any teams.  Occasionally, a Slayer will team up with Watchers although for the most part they do not mingle with Hunters.  Each girl has a certain territory that belongs to her alone and it is her job to find any vampire disturbances killing them on the spot.

Werewolf Watchers

Werewolf Watchers can only be male, again there is no explanation to why this is just how life has always been.  Watchers are the weakest compared to most Hunters and all Slayers since it is mainly their job to watch the activities of werewolves.  They are not super fast or super strong but have brilliant eye sight.  In addition to this, they are all telepaths only able to communicate with any breed of werewolf.  Like werewolves, they work in packs making sure everything is contained within their assigned area.